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4101 Raptor

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Scorpion Super Light Plate Carrier is the main platform of Scorpion Light Modular Equipment System, designed to combine low weight with maximum user comfort. Scorpion Light Modular Equipment System is 4101 Tactical solution to rapid in-the-field equipment re-configuration. By design, it allows fast exchange of several key components (such as front panel and cummerbund) or to add/remove comfort pads. All components of Scorpion Light Modular Equipment System are made of Cordura 500D fabric and/or a durable Cordura 500D–based laminate. Both fabrics are IRR treated. Scorpion Super Light Plate Carrier allows to carry MOLLE compatible equipment on outer surface and SAPI/ESAPI hard ballistic inserts (M, L or XL depending on plate carrier size) with a back liner in front and back internal pockets. In contrast with typical ultra-light designs produced by our competitors, Scorpion Super Light Plate Carrier is built for user’s comfort during long missions. As a standard, the Scorpion Super Light Plate Carrier is shipped with Kangaroo-type front panel, set of shoulder comfort pads and a skeletal cummerbund.


  • low weight (650g-750g) and uniform camouflage on all surfaces thanks to the use of laser-cut holes instead of webbing
  • modular design for easy in-the-field load re-configuration
  • large number of accessories
  • MOLLE compatible
  • sizes – M, L, (size is related to front and back hard ballistics insert size)


  • Minimalist Super Light Plate Carrier
  • Hybryd cummerbund
  • Kangoroo admin panel
  • Comfort Pads shoulders 

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