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Raptor Operators Plate Carrier

4101 Raptor

  • 35550

The Raptor Operators Plate Carrier is designed to provide the wearer with a high degree of mobility while providing ample surface area for mounting mission essential pouches. The upper front of the APC contains an integral admin pouch with internal elastic loops to. The front lower half of the PC has a modifiable MOLLE panel that can be changed to fit the user’s requirements. The shoulder pads and internals are 3D mesh for comfort and feature a Velcro routing channel for cable and drinking tubes. By design, it allows fast exchange of several key components (such as front panel and cummerbund) or to add/remove comfort pads. Additionally, the PC has interchangeable MOLLE panels on the cummerbund and zippers for exchangeable back panels.


  • Modular design for easy in-the-field load re-configuration
  • Large number of accessories
  • MOLLE compatible
  • Interchanable panels
  • Internal cable channels

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