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Raptor Low Profile Chest Rig

4101 Raptor

  • 7560

The Raptor Low Profile Chest Rig features no magazine pouches or external pockets. The beauty of this "slick" design is the fully customizable three rows of MOLLE webbing that run the length of the front of the harness. The Raptor Low Profile Chest Rig will allow the user to run the pouches and accessories that they need as the mission dictates. Think of the Raptor Chest Rig as an empty canvas for the end-user to customize the way they want. Also comes in center zipper variant.


  • MOLLE webbing
  • Hook Pile Tape backing
  • Top down hook pile tape opening for admin storage w/drain holes
  • Detachable Back and MOLLE adjustable Shoulder Straps

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