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Enhanced Jumpable Mortar Pack

London Bridge Trading Inc

  • 72464

General Features:
  • Integrated Single Point Release System built into pack for quick access during Airborne Operations
  • Two seamless side pockets for stowage of Leg Harness system
  • Padded Sleeve compartment for stowage of ESAPI/XSAPI during Airborne operations
  • Heavy duty external storage straps for securing Mortar Base plate or additional gear

  • The unique suspension supports contains two M720 series 60MM rounds and transfers a wearer's load to the hips via the internal frame system. These rounds may be carried in the shipping tubes. This round carrying system is made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE)
  • Two M720 rounds may be carried, accessed and removed via the unique side-zipper arrangement. Two compression or cinch straps designed to immobilize the mortar rounds during tactical operations
  • The mortar round HDPE carry system can be removed to allow more space for operators that are not carrying mortar rounds during missions
  • The HDPE frame (High Density Polyethylene) has two web channels, each containing a 1 /8"W x l"L x 16"H aluminum stave. These staves may be bent by the wearer to conform to the curve of the back. They also may be removed and used for bone-setting splints
  • The two "load leveling" straps on the suspenders allow for changing the angle of the pack, which allows different muscle groups to support the load
  • Double zipper sliders are used throughout the pack and allow the use of a second slider if one is broken
  • The shoulder straps can be stowed to alleviate fewer encumbrances during Airborne Operations
  • Two Medium pockets are located on each side of pack for quick access storage and have modular webbing attachment points for additional gear
  • Four compression or cinch straps, two on each side, provide space reduction and also protect the main compartment molded 10YKK zipper
  • The main compartment has two internal mesh pockets with zipper for secured storage
  • The shoulder straps have an adjustable sternum strap for additional support during operations
  • Heavy duty reinforced carry handle designed for use with Airborne attachments
  • Two 1 3/4 Heavy duty cargo straps for securing Mortar Base plate or additional gear outside of main pack compartment

Maintenance Kit (LBT-0101 B) included. The kit was designed for in-the-field repair of the bag's hardware.
Kit Consist Of:
  • Quick-attach side releases (2, one-inch each) and ladder locks (2)
  • Para-cord (2 pieces)

  • Medium Side Pocket (2): 10L x 2.25W x 8H
  • Overall dimensions: 14L x 12W x 23H

  • Material: 1000 Denier Cordura
  • Webbing: A-A-55301, MIL-W-17337 CIs 2
  • Binding: 1 inch IR binding (MIL-PRF-5038)
  • Grommets # 0
  • Weight: 8.4 lbs
  • Capacity: 4200 cubic inches

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