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Raptor Fire Resistant Combat Operators Shirt

4101 Raptor

  • 15300

The Raptor Fire Resistant Combat Operators Shirt is an antimicrobial moisture-wicking base uniform. This combat Shirt allows the user to comfortably wear a plate carrier without the bulkiness of a battle dress uniform. While the body of the shirt is lightweight and breathable, the sleeves are made with a tear-resistant weave with multiple reinforced pockets to keep equipment close-at-hand. The elbows are reinforced and are articulated to enhance mobility. Every feature on this shirt is intelligently designed to make it a go-to lightweight combat staple. This version also features lightweight, high-performance, flame-resistant DRIFIRE torso and Aramid materials.


  • Double layer bicep pocket
  • Eye-pro holder and pen pocket
  • Flexible hook-and-loop configuration on bicep pocket
  • Streamlined elbow pad configuration
  • Aramid and DRIFIRE material

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